Pumpkin Patch

picture-633a.jpgpicture-634a.jpgWell it was our annual trip to the Underwood Family Farms earlier this week.  Please note, we made two trips this year because on our first trip our camera died.

It is always an experience going to the pumpkin patch.  Lukas wanted to play on the playground and Ava wanted to be held.  Lukas did climb to the top of the haystack and found his way through the corn maze.  We also saw an assortment of birds and ponies, goats, emus, and even a huge cow.  Lukas seemed to be scared of the cow.  Hopefuly that means he won’t be involved in any cow tipping in the near future. 

Lukas and Ava did pose for some cute photos in the pumpkin patch.  Although Ava did fall down twice while we were trying to get a photo but then Ilma became very creative to keep her from falling.  At the end of the day Lukas and Mama picked out a few pumpkins.

Thanks to the folks at Underwood Family Farms.


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