Well it was a rather fun halloween this year.  Lukas was at the age were he understood the concept of trick or treating a little bit more than last year.  I must admit he is only two.  Lukas dressed up in an Elmo costume, while Ava was dressed in a buterfly constume. 

We journey to our local mall and I was really surprise by the amount of candy Lukas got.  The only thing he understood was to go into the store and wait for someone to give him candy.  He did not even say trick or treat or thank you, but everyone was complimenting him on his costume.  About an hour later, Lukas was so tired that I ended up carrying him around to the remaining stores.

We decided then to go check out the harvest festival at the church because I knew they would have a bouncer, actually they had four, and I know how much Lukas loves to bounce around in those things.  Well they also had free food, games, music and even trunk or treat.  Volunteers decorate the trunks of their cars and pass out candies to the kids.  The only thing was there were a lot of people there but it was fun.


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