Chiefs in the Playoffs

After K.C. lost to Cleveland a few weeks ago, I thought the season was over.  After watching this morning and seeing Kansas City win and both the Titans and the Bengals lose, I thought what if the Broncos lost.  Well no more dreaming,  I would like to thank the 49ners for beating the Broncos in overtime. 

I just look at the wildcard schedule and noticed that the Chiefs will play the Colts.  I guess that is better than playing the Patriots.  Hopefully the Colts and Peyton Manning  will choke in next Saturday’s game or Larry Johnson will run all over the the Colts’ defense.

Merry Christmas


Kobe Bryant Sucks – Lakers lose to the Bobcats

How do the Lakers lose to the Bobcats?  It’s quite simple.  One man can take responsibility for this loss, Kobe Bryant.  He scores 58 points in triple overtime but they still lose.  I can’t wait for Lamar Odom to come back.  I honestly believe for any team to win the NBA Championship, they either need two superstars and a few good role players or play like team like when Detriot won the NBA Champioship.

Congrats to the Bobcats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOOOO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funtime at the Park

I love California in the winter time.  It was in the low 70’s and the entire family enjoyed a warm sunny day at the park.  We were there for over an hour and it was rather fun.  I am so happy that I have this week off.  There were quite a few kids there today.  I even showed Lukas how to roll down the hill. 


It’s so funny. Every year I get wrapped up in the holiday season. I really believe that the world has so commercialized the Christmas holiday that everyone gets wrapped up in the season without taking time to focus on its meaning. We get busy with end of the year work, buying gifts, decorating the house, making a dinner, buying a Christmas tree, mailing Christmas cards, cleaning the house for relatives to come over, etc…. When actually we loose the whole meaning of the holiday. It’s not about a jolly guy in a red suit giving out gifts to children or a nice time to get together with family, but the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the day people across the world choose to recognize as the day that our Lord and Savior, our God, became a human being and was born in Bethlehem.

Last Minute Cooking

It was around 12:30 this morning and I got my butt of the bed. I needed to make sure I make the bean salad on time. My mom has a recipe for a yummy three-bean salad and I almost put it off to the last minute. This will be one of our dishes for our Christmas Eve dinner. The purpose of preparing this dish so early is to let the bean marinade in the sauce. I am so excited to have our fist Christmas Eve and Christmas at our place. I think we have been here for over seven years and this will be our fist celebration at our place.

Christmas Shopping

Well it is December 23 and I still have Christmas shopping that I have not finished. Every year I plan to buy things early and then I won’t have to worry about long lines at the register. At least this year I was able to send out gifts to my extended families before Christmas. The only gifts I have not sent out yet are to my brother and mom. They will be out of town so I can send them their gifts after Christmas. I thought I would just buy things online and then have them shipped but that also means I need to order things in advanced. I hate procrastinating but it seems that I do that with everything. Well, Merry Christmas to all and good luck to all those who are out today and tomorrow getting last minute gifts.

Semester over

Wow, what I thought was going to be a bad semester, turned out to be better than I thought. I succeeded with 3 A and 1 B. I really though with taking Math and Biology, I would be lucky to pass my classes. Math was a lot more work than I anticipated although both my business classes were quite easy. Biology was quite tough since much of the material on the quizzes was never in the book. Well one more semester to go.