Why trying to force Israel to give it’s land to Palestine is Bad


I borrowed this from WWW.WATCH.ORG.  This has become one of my favorite website’s over the year after I read Bill Koeing book’s.  It seems everytime anyone tries to divide Israel there seems to be some extreme effects to the countries invovled.  Many people relate this to global warming or Mother Nature but let’s face it.  These are acts of God, or better yet warnings.



Rice Updates the EU, Germany and Britain on
Israel’s Land and the Palestinian State Efforts

  • Rice meets with German Chancellor Andrea Merkel
  • Hurricane-force winds and heavy downpours hammered northern Europe, the storms
    were among the fiercest to batter northern Europe in years
  • Winds of up to 133 mph swept off the Atlantic and cut a swathe across Britain,
    northern France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Belgium,
    the Czech Republic and into Russia
  • Rice cuts short visit to Berlin in order to leave before winds worsened
  • More than 200 flights in and out of Frankfurt airport were cancelled because of the winds
  • German meteorologists recorded gusts up to 125 mph
  • Hans-Georg Zimmermann, spokesman for Deutsche Bahn: “We are still at a standstill
    nationwide, with only a few trains running”
  • Hartmut Mehdorn, chief executive of Deutsche Bahn: “We have never yet had
    such a situation in Germany”
  • Rice travels to London for a meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair
  • Rice’s plane landed in gusts of up to 80 mph at London’s Heathrow Airport
  • Heathrow Airport, Europe’s largest, canceled 280 flights. Other major airports –
    including Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and Vienna – reported delays and cancellations.
  • In London, harried commuters struggled through a gauntlet of road closures caused
    by falling debris blown from glass-paneled office buildings and medieval churches.
  • London’s Millennium Bridge was closed after the suspension structure began
    swaying dangerously in the wind.
  • Rail stations across London also were closed, and the evening commute melted into chaos.
  • Hundreds of thousands of homes in several countries had power cut as the hurricane
    force winds ripped up trees and power lines.
  • The Druzhba pipeline carrying Russian oil to the European Union via Ukraine was shut off
    after high winds caused power problems and forced the closure of a pumping station
  • More than one million people were without power in the Czech Republic. Some 100,000 homes
    in northern France, 20,000 households in Austria and more than 30,000 households
    across northeast England lost electricity — nearly all because falling trees downed power lines.
  • Ferries canceled or delayed in Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and
    Finland, and trains delayed in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.
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    One thought on “Why trying to force Israel to give it’s land to Palestine is Bad

    1. That’s either a whole lot of coincidences or there’s something strange going on.

      The best reason for Israel not to give up land for peace is that it mostly doesn’t work. But there is one example that has worked, so far. The Israelis returned the Sinai to Egypt and they have been in a state of peace ever since.

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