So far I am not a big fan of the latest edition of the Apprentice.  I think the first season was the best and the rest of the seasons seemed to have gone downhill.  I was excited that this new season was from Los Angeles, yet the the contestants seem all the same.  

I must give credit to Michelle.  Everyone on her team did not like her and after losing the last task, she decides to resign instead of giving Trump and the Mini Trumps (Don Jr and Ivanka) and her teammates the opportunity to critize her further in the boardroom.  Although Trump still got his two cents in.  I can’t believe Trump went off on her for quitting and he continues to say that she will regret this later. I believe I even heard him calling her a loser and how much he hates losers.  He she look in the mirror, many people would consider him a loser for  having a petty arguement over words from Rosie O’Donnell.

The more episodes I see of the Apprentice, I realize that I would never want to work for Donald Trump.  Why do all these contestants want to work for Trump so badly?  There are better opportunities out there for them.  I think these reality shows are great opportunities for contestants to get their 15 minutes of fame.  Poor Donald, he did not get the chance to say, You’re Fired!   


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