Robotech The Shadow Chronicles

I can’t believe it has been over 20 yrs since Robotech first came out.  I picked up the new DVD movie that continues where the last episode left off at.  I think the storyline is rather cool.  I do recommend reading the comic book series Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles for background information leading up to the new movie. 

I was dissapointed with the music, though.  It was not as good as the original score from the cartoon series.    The animation was great.  I can’t wait for the next installment.  The creators of this movie left the storyline open for more episode in the future. 

Check out or Best Buy to get your own copy of the movie.

Check this link for a trailer to the Robotech movie:


I’m back for a little

Well, with the cloudy, rainy weather coming to California, it means more time to blog.  Going to work and school and making time for the family seems to take up most of my time.  Also it seems anytime I hit the couch or the bed or the floor, I go into snooze mode.  Well I guess I need to continue my story and keep up with events.  I am still in awe of Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts winning the Super Bowl.  Congrats go out to Tony Dungy as well.  Well March is almost here and that means March Madness is almost here.   

Well enough chit chat for now.  Hopefully the little one will wake up soon and off to Costco we go.