Raines – TV Show

I  just watched the pilot episode of the new TV show -Raines.  The pilot episode was avialable for free on Itunes  this week so I decided to download it.  I must say the show is rather original. 

The concept for the show may seem  like an ordinary dedtective series but this one has a good twist.  I will only give the premise of the show and try not to spoil the show.  The show takes place inLos Angeles. Present day. Michael Raines, an eccentric but brilliant cop, solves murders in a very unusual way – he turns the victims into his partners. These visions are figments of Raines’ imagination, and he knows it, but when he can’t make the dead disappear, he works with them to find the killer. Through his discussions, along with the evidence, Raines’ image of the victim changes until he has a clear picture of what really happened. Only when the case is closed do the visions end. Other detectives question Raines’ sanity, and occasionally so does he.

I honestly think it is a cool show.  I must admit allowing me to watch the pilot episode on my ipod for free was even better.  Kudos to both NBC and Apple with that idea,  and I betcha anything now I will have to pay for future episodes.  The marketing idea did work, though, now I want to watch future episodes.


My son is growing up faster than I thought

Lukas the ultimate gentleman


I had to goto class on Tuesday night after work.  I  finnally made it home around 9pm and noticed some new photos on the camera.  Well I started going through the picture on the camera and I was in for a huge shock.  My son has a girlfriend.  The things that happen when I am not at home.  So many of you think that is no big deal, but wait a second, he is only 2 1/2 yrs old.

Ava’s first tooth

Finally after all this time Ava has here first tooth come in.  Ilma is concerned that the first tooth came in on the top.  We’ll see what happens with the next few teeth.  I guess we can give her some yummy steak, now.  Ha-Ha! :>

Bad parents, Maybe? (2)

Well, Lukas is at that age where he coping everything we say.  Often times either Ilma or I will say bite me when we are angry.  Well  Lukas’ new phrase to us when he does not want to do something is bite me.  The worst part is  the smirk on his face after he says it.  He knows we laugh after we say it, so he does the same thing.  Oh boy!

Bad Parents, Maybe?

Well on Friday night, while driving around Ava fell asleep in the car.  We decided to goto McDonald’s to get some dessert for Ilma and myself and french fries for Lukas.  We gobbled down our sundaes while Lukas ate his fries.  Ilma felt guilty for not sharing the sundae with Lukas.  On Saturday, we stopped by Golden Spoons frozen yogurt and since both Lukas and Ava were asleep, we got frozen yogurt for ourselves.   I finally felt guilty on Saturday eating the frozen yogurt and not sharing it with Lukas, although he was asleep.  Finally we went out on Sunday and stopped at Golden Spoons for some frozen yogurt for Lukas.  Wow, he was happy!  I am so glad we took him out to have frozen yogurt on Sunday at Golden Spoons.  Poor Ava sleeping through the whole thing again.  We will let here have some frozen yogurt next time.

No More SuperSlide

I have been telling Lukas about the superslide for over a week and I promised him, we would check it out this weekend.  Well, it has been a while since I went to the park but who would have thought they would have taken out the superslide.  This park is full of hills and initially they put a slide at the top of the hill to the bottom.  This was an awesome slide.  Well, when we arrived, the superslide was gone and it hasbeen replaced by steps.  Why is it that everything that is fun is gone.  It all comes down to safety issues.  Damn lawyers and all those stupid lawsuits

My boy is growing up really fast!!!!!

Wow, everyday it is something new.  Let me say one thing the terrible twos are here.  Back to the story, well the past few months I have been putting Lukas down to sleep.  Well the last couple of days, he has requested that his mommy put him down.  That is ok with me but when I ask him for a hug and a kiss, his answer is no.  Well at least I still have my little girl who still gives me a hug and a kiss.