Bad Parents, Maybe?

Well on Friday night, while driving around Ava fell asleep in the car.  We decided to goto McDonald’s to get some dessert for Ilma and myself and french fries for Lukas.  We gobbled down our sundaes while Lukas ate his fries.  Ilma felt guilty for not sharing the sundae with Lukas.  On Saturday, we stopped by Golden Spoons frozen yogurt and since both Lukas and Ava were asleep, we got frozen yogurt for ourselves.   I finally felt guilty on Saturday eating the frozen yogurt and not sharing it with Lukas, although he was asleep.  Finally we went out on Sunday and stopped at Golden Spoons for some frozen yogurt for Lukas.  Wow, he was happy!  I am so glad we took him out to have frozen yogurt on Sunday at Golden Spoons.  Poor Ava sleeping through the whole thing again.  We will let here have some frozen yogurt next time.


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