Raines – TV Show

I  just watched the pilot episode of the new TV show -Raines.  The pilot episode was avialable for free on Itunes  this week so I decided to download it.  I must say the show is rather original. 

The concept for the show may seem  like an ordinary dedtective series but this one has a good twist.  I will only give the premise of the show and try not to spoil the show.  The show takes place inLos Angeles. Present day. Michael Raines, an eccentric but brilliant cop, solves murders in a very unusual way – he turns the victims into his partners. These visions are figments of Raines’ imagination, and he knows it, but when he can’t make the dead disappear, he works with them to find the killer. Through his discussions, along with the evidence, Raines’ image of the victim changes until he has a clear picture of what really happened. Only when the case is closed do the visions end. Other detectives question Raines’ sanity, and occasionally so does he.

I honestly think it is a cool show.  I must admit allowing me to watch the pilot episode on my ipod for free was even better.  Kudos to both NBC and Apple with that idea,  and I betcha anything now I will have to pay for future episodes.  The marketing idea did work, though, now I want to watch future episodes.


One thought on “Raines – TV Show

  1. I am stunned that this clever and original show was cancelled after only 6 episodes! wE NEED A MAJOR LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGH HERE, to get this back on the air and OUT OF THAT FRIDAY NIGHT SLOT, which is a death sentence for too mant smart shows!

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