Virginia Tech story

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Virginia Tech Evidence Of What
Is Wrong And Right About America –
Bill Wilson

By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst

WASH—Apr 18—KIN– Have you ever noticed that the worst of mankind often brings out the best in mankind? Take Liviu Librescu, for example. The 76 year old had seen the worst horrors of death and destruction as a youngster. He survived the Holocaust. He survived and escaped the persecution of the Romanian communists against Jews in 1978 when he and his wife moved to Israel. He became a world-renown scientist who worked on NASA projects and refused to retire after 20 years of teaching his craft to others. He overcame the worst of the worst and became one of the best. And as his students departed his classroom on Monday, he watched them over his shoulder.

Professor Librescu held shut the door to his classroom, putting himself between a crazed gunman and his students that they might escape to live their lives as his was ending. As one Virginia Tech student wrote to Librescu’s wife, “I saw your husband still standing there. He was holding the door closed and looking over his shoulder to make sure everybody else was safe. It was the bravest thing I have ever seen.” And that’s how Librescu’s journey in life ended—saving others lives while sacrificing his own. Jesus said in John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down his life for his friends.”

Already, politicians, though cautious, are starting the call for greater gun control and stronger security on our nation’s campuses. They would intend to use this horrible tragedy for advancing a selfish agenda that would put every area under surveillance and try to make sure that no law-abiding citizen would be allowed to have a gun. But no amount of gun control. No amount of invasion of privacy. No amount of rhetoric will bring back those young men and women whose lives were so prematurely ended. When someone plans such an act in a free society, the laws and authorities are hard pressed to stop it because a free society, like America, is dependent upon the morality of its citizens—which they submit to the rule of law.

Instead of an invasion of rights, it may be wiser for the politicians to look at the conditioning of and desensitization to violent acts that permeate our culture—telling the video game producers and the television and movie producers and the pornographers to back off of their glorification of violence and the devaluing of life. Perhaps, our nation’s leadership, instead of promoting a godless, secular humanist society, should promote by word and deed the need for people to attend the church of their choice. It would seem that a relationship with God is not the problem, but a large part of the solution. If society as a whole embraced light rather than darkness, life rather than death, then murder and violence would neither be neither entertainment nor a preferred course of action.