Facing the Giants

I just watched an awesome movie this weekend.  it was recommended when I logged onto to Netflix the other day.  I did not know what to expect but all I have to say this is probably the best movie I have seen in a few years.  The name of the movie is Facing the Giants.  I have included a youtube link. 


4 thoughts on “Facing the Giants

  1. I saw the movie Facing the Giants and totally disagree with all of the hype.

    This movie tells the viewer all you have to do is believe in God and you will get a raise, a stranger will donate a new car, a infertile man will father a child, you will win at everything you do, people will love you everywhere you go, lame will walk, you will become rich and famous.

    Sorry, but that is not God, that is Santa Claus. God never promised us a rose garden. He also never promised that our lives, our circumstances, our problems would change. The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ – not money, cars, winning and pregnancy.

    This is a sad case of humanism being replaced for God. In effect, non Christians who watch this film, and expect their lives to change and “get all the goodies” will be greatly disillusioned. In fact this movie might be a tool for Satan, and I believe it is therefore a satanic film.

    It is sad such a pathetic humanistic excuse for satanic propaganda. The writers, directors and actors should be aware that their false worldly portrayals are helping Satan not God. This is one viewer who is greatly saddened by this horrible, false teaching.

  2. I see you’re really slowing down on the blogging. You have so much time now that you should be able to blop something every day. I’m waiting!!

  3. Hi there,

    My name is Monique & I’m part of the PR team for Sherwood Pictures–creators of FACING THE GIANTS.
    Thank you so much for supporting the movie on your blog! We wanted to keep you informed of their latest project–FIREPROOF.
    It’s due to hit theaters this September in theaters nationwide. You can go to http://www.fireproofthemovie.com to view the trailer, ready the synopsis, and sign up for updates to stay up to date with all of the FIREPROOF happenings! If you’re interested in learning more or need any resource, pictures, and downloads for your blog please email me at monique@lovell-fairchild.com and I will be happy to get you what you need.

    Again, thanks for blogging!
    Lovell-Fairchild Communications

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