Think of me

This is a great video.  As Christians do we love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves?

Recently  Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley revealed it’s plans to build a new church.  But instead of building a traditional building, they plan to build an outside amphitheater.   The goal of the church is to take half of their budget and give it way to the needy around the world. 


3 thoughts on “Think of me

  1. I watched this video, not knowing who had made it about 1 month ago. I watched it, then thought to myself “Was this Christian?” I couldn’t really figure out what was the point. The exact same message could be put out by secular humanists. The same video could be put out by Oprah or any other self help guru.

    We could spend an infinite amount of money on things for poor people. That isnt really what Jesus came to earth for though. His message was for us to go out into the world and preach the Gospel. He told us his mission was to seek and save the lost. As Christians I think it is important to help people in need. However, on the other hand it is not even close to primary in importance. People with distended bellies will hurt on earth for a few years, and then die and face God. Even if we did manage to feed all of the poor people, what would it accomplish?

    If I had the choice to preach the Gospel to the world, or feed the world its a no brainer. I would much rather have the world hear the Gospel, and have no food than have them have food and water devoid of the water of life and the food that will satisfy their souls.

    This video has nothing to do with Christianity in my opinion.

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