Best Movies of 2007 So Far

Well I had the opportunity to see some movies this year.  I am the type of guy who likes to see the blockbuster movies.  Usually the movies I like, are not even mentioned during the Academy Awards.  Well here is my list of favorite movies.

The best movie so far had to have been The Bourne Ultimatum.  Is it me or does it just get better and better with each new installment.  I have to admit I did see this both in the United States and Lithuania.  Great action flick and the story was great.

The next best movie had to have been Transformers.  I just picked it up on DVD today.  Yeah, I did grow up on the cartoon and this movie did not let me down.  Great visual affects and a fun movie to watch. 

Next on my list would be Shrek the 3rd.  I love the first two movies.  I use to think the first one was the best but after watching the second movie countless times with my son, I think the 2nd movie was the best.  I did not get to watch the whole movie, just parts of it.  We took the whole family and when my youngest got bored, I was walking around the movie theater complex with her.  My son enjoyed it and what I saw of it, I liked.

Next decent movie was Die Hard or Live Free.  I like the Die Hard movies a lot.  This had many great action scenes.  The story was not bad.  I guess I was disappointed not in the movie, but the day I went to see this flick, I really wanted to go see Transformers but it was sold out.  It was a fun movie.

The last flick on my list was Rush Hour 3.  It was ok.  I don’t know if it was me but it seems that the Rush Hour franchise is getting old.  I love Jackie Chan movies but something was lacking.  I am looking forward to watch this again when it comes out on video.  I just came back from Paris and I want to see all the footage from Paris. 

I missed all the new movies from mid August through September.  I would love to hear what others thought.  Again here is my list.

  1. The Bourne Ultimatum
  2. Transformers
  3. Shrek the Third
  4. Die Hard or Live Free
  5. Rush Hour 3

4 thoughts on “Best Movies of 2007 So Far

  1. Transformers is my #1 for this year so far because it appeals to just about everyone. This was important to me.

    Bourne, while it was good, had a lot of violence. It’s like a new age james bond. While I love my james bond (I’ve seen ALL of them), I can’t put this movie in the number one spot.

    Good list though. I like just about all of the movies on your top five except for the die hard because I haven’t seen it yet. But since you mentioned it, I’ll definitely check it out.

    Thanks for the post!

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