European Vacation Part 1

I have almost been back for over a month.  So many things I haven’t done yet. I guess I will start blogging about my trip to Lithuania.

The flight over was not that bad.  I had to make some last minute arrangements for my trip.  I booked my vacation in January and it seems that route was no longer in service.  After a brief discussion at the desk I was accommodated for this problem.  To keep my schedule, I was given a first class ticket to Detroit and there I hopped onto my international flight to Amsterdam.  I made it in time to Amsterdam to catch my flight to Lithuania. 

Quick note to anyone who will ever fly Lithuania Airlines.  It may be a cheap airline ticket but if you want a snack or a beverage, such as water or soda, then you have to pay for it.   I understand business but let’s get real.  I cannot take any drinks on the plane due to security restrictions but then when I get on the plane if I want a refreshment I have to pay for it.  This is a horrible business practice.

Well after that little disclaimer, I made it in time to Lithuania.  I was a little thirsty when I got there but I made it. Currently the airport in Vilnius is under a renovation.  Every person leaving or coming must exit the airplane and board a bus to and from the terminal.  Hopefully they will be done with this renovation soon. 


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