Monday Woes

Is it me or are Mondays seem to be the worst day of the week.  Every Monday at work some major problem occurs and I have to fix it. The last two Mondays at work have been like a blur to me.  Usually by Wednesday everything is back to normal.  I thought about asking for Mondays off but then Tuesday would be my bad day at work.

Well, my wife and I decided to buy a play kitchen for the kids.  We brought it home and started to put it together.  Ok, hold on,  I was watching her put it together.  Ten minutes after we started we notice one of the pieces had a major dent in it.  Well I guess it is back to Toys R Us.


2 thoughts on “Monday Woes

  1. yup, I don’t like Mondays either, and neither do the kids.

    That damn kithchen!! I guess this Tuesday will be the worst Tuesday for me, because of that damn kitchen! Hopefully Lukas will forget about it or I can occupy him with something else.

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