Superbowl is set

Well I guess I was wrong.  I was sure Green Bay was going to beat the New York Giants.  At least New England beat San Diego.  I could honestly careless for either team.  I am not a Giants fan but I always like going for the underdog.  The Giants will be a huge underdog.  Everyone wants New England to win the Superbowl so they will have their perfect season.  To be honest, I want them to win the Superbowl just for that but I would mind seeing the Giants pull off an unthinkable upset.  Well I wait until the Friday before the Superbowl to see my pick.  Right now, I am leaning towards New England.


2 thoughts on “Superbowl is set

  1. Why Pats will win it all.
    The Patriots and Giants have met eight times in the regular season, with New England holding a 5-3 advantage. And, the Patriots have won the past four, all of them tight games.

    History 101
    1970 Giants 18, Patriots 0
    1974 Patriots 24, Giants 20
    1987 Giants 17, Patriots 10
    1990 Giants 13, Patriots 10
    1996 Patriots 23, Giants 22
    1999 Patriots 16, Giants 14
    2003 Patriots 17, Giants 6
    2007 Patriots 38, Giants 35

    History 102 …

    Both the Patriots and Giants have a history filled with great moments, but who is the face of the franchise? While it would probably get a lot of arguments, we’re saying that for the Giants, it’s Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor. Although he had off-field problems, on the field he redefined the position. As for the Patriots, Tom Brady has become Mr. Patriot. New England obviously doesn’t have as great a history as the Giants, but Brady has taken the franchise to a new level, and the team might never look back.

    … and 103

    Curious about those histories? The Patriots have put together a 366-349-9 record in the regular season and are 21-12 in the postseason with three Super Bowl titles. Their all-time passing leader is (deep breath) Drew Bledsoe with almost 30,000 yards, leading rusher is Sam Cunningham (5,453 yards) and their leading receiver was Stanley Morgan (10,352 yards). The Giants are 606-506-33 in the regular season and are 19-23 record in the postseason, including two Super Bowl titles. Phil Simms is their all-time passing leader (33,462 yards), Tiki Barber their leading rusher (10,449 yards) and Amani Toomer, who is still catching passes, their leading receiver with 8,917 yards
    New England Patriots will win by 17.

    Pats Fan since 1985

  2. I have to be honest Mike. After much thinking I say that the Patritos are going to win but not by much. Each time they have one the Superbowl it has only been by three points. I say they win by about 10 pts max. This is a very explosive team. Though the Giants remind me of the team that won Superbowl 36. Not too many people thought the Patriots could beat the Rams but they pulled it off.

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