The Legend of Superbowl 42 Part 2 – Gigantic Upset

 It was suppose to be perfection,  19 – 0, but it turned out to be an awesome upset.  Congrats to the Superbowl Champs, the New York Giants.  The Giants’ defense pressured Tom Brady all night and this allows Eli Manning and the offense to mount an awesome fourth quarter rally.    One word describes the New York Giants, confidence.

As of today, I no longer look at Eli as Peyton Manning’s little brother.  There are two Mannings in the league, one in Indianapolis and the one in New York, both Superbowl caliber quarterbacks. Eli’s performance in both Superbowl 42 and the playoffs has proven him as an elite quarterback.  Eli’s pass to Tyree in the fourth quarter was impressive as well as Toomer performance at wideout with 84 yards.  Eli’s touchdown to Burress with 35 seconds sealed the Patriots’ fate.  Eli’s heroics definitely earned him the Superbowl MVP.

The New York Giants defense was stellar. The Giants’ defense had the daunting task to break down the New England Patriots offensive line.  It seemed all year long Tom Brady had an eternity to dump the ball off to his receivers but tonight was different.  The Giants sacked Brady five times and pressured him over a dozen times throughout the game.  To be honest I knew very little of the Giants defense, I knew of both Strahan and Umenyiora, but tonight I was very impressed with Tuck.

The Patriots played an average game.  The running game was not impressive at all with only 44 yards; therefore it came down to the passing game.  Wes Welker was impressive with 11 catches for 103 yards, Randy Moss had 62 yards, and Faulk had 52 yards.  It came down to one thing, the New York Giants defense putting pressure on Tom Brady.  I felt all year long that the New England Patriots defense was not as dominate as previous years but ultimately the pressure from the Giants defense took Tom Brady out of rhythm.  This sealed the fate for the Patriots. 

Superbowls are typical won with defense and this was an awesome display of defense.  Not too many people gave the Giants a chance including myself but congrats to the New York Giants.  This game will definitely go down in NFL history, as a David and Goliath storyline, with David winning.


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