Fatherhood – The funny things that kids do

This is something I never saw coming.  My son is around 3 1/2 years old and he is very creative.  This Christmas, Santa brought our daughter a doll house  and sometimes our son will play with it.  I think it is very good for him to play with it because it stimulates his imagination.  It includes such movable items as a table, chairs, a mommy doll, a daddy doll, a baby doll, a kitchen sink with refrigerator attached, and a toilet. 

Well, often times, when the kids are quiet in the other room away from their parents, that means they are up to something and this time it is my son.  My wife walks in the other room and sees my son squatting in front of the toy toilet. My wife looks at my son’s grinning face, he grinning because he thinks he accomplished something big. He just went pee in that toy toilet.  Hey, at least he has good aim and stopped after the toilet was full.  :>  Of course, when he learns that we are not happy with his stunt, who does he blame, his sister.  What an imagination that boy has,  I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Fisher Price Doll House Toliet with Pee


3 thoughts on “Fatherhood – The funny things that kids do

  1. hello, sincerely, i proud with your son, very smart boy, he already knew the use of toilet, haha…hope he can be like his parents whose good brain and intelligent. congrat!

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