Saturday’s March Madness

Well, I learned one thing today.  Never base your college basketball prediction on a comic book character.  Professor Xavier never came through for me today.  He must have been busy fighting mutants or something because Xavier was killed by UCLA.

GO UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess i should say something about the other game.  Well that was a good game.  I sat down during the second half and start routing for Louisville and then they fell apart. Congrats to North Carolina. 

I have a suggestion for anyone who is reading this blog.  I know very little about college basketball and it seems every team that I predict to win, loses.  So ask me picks for Sunday’s games and put some money on the other team.  So I checked out Sunday games.  I think I like Kansas over Davidson and Texas over Memphis.

On a side note I noticed an article stating that UCLA is becoming one of the more hated teams in the West in the NCAA.  Well I think people really don’t hate UCLA but they mix up the letter and think people are saying ACLU.  Yes the ACLU or asI like to call them is the Anti Christian Liberties Union.  So please next time someone asks you if you like UCLA say yes but if they ask you about the ACLU feel free to tell them that you dislike them.


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