The fall of the Dallas Mavericks – Avery Johnson fired as head coach

The Dallas Mavericks have fired Avery Johnson as head coach. I am not surprised by this move but I would put most of the blame for an early exit from the playoffs because what the Dallas Mavericks gave up to get Jason Kidd. I expect Avery Johnson to be coaching somewhere else very soon.

Last year’s early exit from the playoffs was due to the genius of head coach Don Nelson and an overachieving Golden State Warrior team. I believe the Mavericks panicked to find a fix to their team. When the LA Lakers traded for Pau Gasol, Dallas thought they would need to add another piece to their puzzle. Unfortunately they took away the wrong pieces just to add an old NBA star.

I think in this situation the coach was not at fault. I truly believe this falls on the GM and Mark Cuban. I am not too sure who their GM is. Dallas’ window to win a championship ended when they lost to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. The West is packed with some great teams and no longer is Dallas an elite team in the NBA.

A new era is dawning in the West and a team like New Orleans has emerged. The LA Lakers are ready to reclaim the NBA Championship with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and his all star teammates Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. A remaining obstacle for these two teams in the West are the San Antonio Spurs. Can they win a back to back title? They do have a stellar line up with Duncan, Parker, Ginolbli, and Finely but will their age show? We will find out this June.


Our First Pet – Butterfly Emerges

Last Friday, our new pet emerged from it’s cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. I got a phone call at work and my son was all excited about his new pet butterfly.  We had waited about a week for the caterpillar to complete it’s transformation.  Again, I must say that was one of the most creative creatures God created.  it is amazing when we take the time to look at what God created on this planet.  It is as simple as going out of the city and journey to a local park, forest, lake, farm, or even a beach.

 Saturday we decided to release our butterfly from it’s butterfly habitat, into the open skies.  Let me tell you, as soon as we opened the lid to the habitat, that butterfly took off. I guess it wanted to get some fresh air.

MarioKart Wii Review

I just bought my third game for the Wii.  I am always looking for fun games to play with my wife and something simple for the kids.  I was not too excite when I first heard about this game for the Wii but it came with a cool steering wheel, aka the Wii Wheel.

I have played the game a few times since Sunday and it is a blast!  I have to say that my wife is the MarioKart queen in my house.  I don’t think I have beaten her at the game yet but I am getting better. This is a good buy for a multi player game, although, we have only played it with two players.  To some people the game may be a bit simple but it is fun.  I like the fact you can play other people over the Internet. 

My three and half year old son plays it but does not get it yet.  He is not into video games but he does try hard to play the game. On the beach level, he likes driving his kart into the ocean, he thinks it is funny.  I think if he spends more time on it, he will get it.  Personally, I rather him play outside than on the Wii.

My wife enjoys the game but I think it is because she keeps kicking my behind at it.  i really enjoy playing this game with my wife on the Wii.  We are always looking for fun games on the Wii to play together.

This is a definite buy to add to your Wii collection.  The only option I wish it had is an opportunity for the user to build their own tracks.  I would give this game a 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Below I have a couple links to some cheats for MarioKart.

  2. IGN.COM

Celebration – Wordpress Post 100

WOW!  That took longer than I expected.

This is my 100th post on WordPress.  What will this post be about? I am not sure. 

I would like to thank the folks at Ben and Jerry’s for my free ice cream during their anuual Free Cone Day.  It was a great activity for the family, which we all enjoyed our ice cream.  I remember the days when my wife use to scoop ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s.  I miss trying all the different flavors.

WSith my first 100 posts I have learned that the more posts I create the more opoortunity for hits I may recieve.  I have not seen that many comments but I know there have been many visitors to my blog.  My last count for the month was 990 hits.  I really hope my writing has improved.

My plans for the next 100 posts is  that there will be something interesting to you the blog travaler.  I hope I have caught your interest with my blog.  I plan to go back to my blog story the Mystery of Nida very soon.  It has been tough with the kids and I have a storyline for it but I have too many loose ends to tie together.  I also have a few book reviews that I would like to talk about in the next few months.

Congrats to the LA Lakers, Orlando Magic, San Antonio Spurs, and the New Orleans Hornets for making it to the next round of the playoffs.  What about those Atlanta Hawks?  The Boston Celtics need to play some defense and win the next two games or this will be the biggest upset in NBA history.  This would be worst than the Golden State Warriors beating the Dallas Mavericks last year.

Well I guess that is it for Post 100. 



Ice Cream Specials – Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day & Baskin Robbins 31 cent Scoop Night

I love ice cream! I can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I just received an e-mail with some exciting news.
Today, April 29th is Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream shops. Feel free to check out their website to find a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop near you.
Tomorrow, April 30th is 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins. From 5pm until 10pm Baskin Robbins will be offering scoops of their 31 flavors for only 31 cents. Feel free to check out their website for a Baskin Robbins near you.
This is a great opportunity for individuals or families to get out.  It may even be a good excuse to go out on a date. Guys feel free to offer to pay and she will think you’re a stud. :>





NFL Draft – Kansas City Chiefs

I was a little disappointed with the late start time.  Although my disappointment ended quickly when I saw who the Chiefs picked up with their first pick, LSU Defensive Superstar – Glenn Dorsey.  This will be a huge impact for the Kansas City defense and I can’t wait until next season. Dorsey will be an immediate impact on the defense this year. 

I was not too excited that the Chiefs traded away Allen earlier this week but that worked out too. In the draft the Lions at 15 and Chiefs at 17 swapped picks and addressed another need with picking up offensive lineman Branden Albert.  The key to any successful football team is the offensive line.  The Chiefs’ offensive line was hurting last couple of years with both Willie Roaf and Will Shields retiring.  Albert will definetately  be a huge addition to this ailing offensive line. Another immediate impact for next year.

The Chiefs also picked up Brandon Flowers at cornerback.  Another player that will help out the defense next year.  I am not too familiar with Flowers. 

A very successful draft day on Saturday in the rebuilding effort for the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Kansas City Chiefs will be more competitive next year. 

NBA Playoffs – Fall of the Suns, Mavericks, Rockets

I thought the Western Conference playoffs wasgoing to be competitive this year.  I have new insight since last night (Tuesday). 

Let me start with the Rockets.  I expected the Rockets to lose and it’s not because of the Tracy McGrady curse but because they need Yao.  Utah looks great with winning two games in Houston.

Dallas losing two games to New Orleans is a shock.  I expected Dallas to make it a competitive series but instead New Orleans is killing them.  I like the way New Orleans is playing and I hope they continue to play like this into the next round.  New Orleans is definitely a good team and can be a contendor for the Western Conference Finals.

Dallas and San Antonio is another series that is letting me down.  After game one with the miracle three pointers putting this game in double overtime, I thought Phoenix would come back in game 2.  i was wrong.  I think the tables will change for San Antonio in Phoenix.  I expect Phoenix will tie up the series.  I hate San Antonio and the sooner they are out of the playoffs, the better off for the rest of the league.

The Lakers and Denver series is what I like to see.  I hate Kobe but Gasol was definitely the hero of the game. With the Lakers having another All-Star on their team, this allows Kobe to have a bad night here and there.  The Lakers need to finish this series and get ready to play some defense in round 2.

The West is definitely a mix of something old and something new.  The Lakers, San Antonio, New Orleans, and Utah look to have a handle on their series but soon these series will switch to a different arena.  With the exception of Utah, the rest of the teams are going to be on the road and its time to finish of business and go to the next round.