Playtime with the kids – Geotrax Fun

I have to admit, lately I have been addicted to creating new Geotrax layouts with my kids.  Geotrax is an interactive railroad set for toddlers made by Fisher Price.  After laying the track, simply place the train on the track and the kids are free to operate the train with a remote control.  The first generation of trains only offered trains that moved forward.  The newer trains can go either forwards or backwards and include a lego like figure.

My 3 1/2 year old son helps me build the tracks.  Both he and his sister (22 month old) enjoy playing with the trains by remote control.  The also enjoy crashing the trains but it is worth the fun.  To be honest I can’t wait to see what fisher price comes out for the next add-on for the set.  I heard a rumor that they are making an airport add-on for the future.



One thought on “Playtime with the kids – Geotrax Fun

  1. I’m also looking forward to the new GeoAir products but not sure where we will find space, after collecting GeoTrax for the last few years the playroom is becoming wall-to-wall GeoTrax!! It’s a great family time activity though.

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