Final Four – Saturday Recap

I am still in shock UCLA lost to Memphis.  Memphis was definitely the more dominate team.  I have to admit that UCLA has been playing mediocre during the tournament.  Memphis came out and took care of business.  As for the UNC and Kansas, I still can’t believe it.  I really thought that UNC would make it to the final game after watching them in previous games during the tournament.  I missed the first half and watch some sloppy play in the second half on both teams.  It seems that Kansas finally hit some of their shots.  I have never seen that many turnovers in that short of a time period. 

Well, every time I like a team, they lose.  If you look at my previous post you will see what I mean.  So if you are a gambler and looking for a great tip, then bet on the team I think is going to lose.  This is tough; I thought UCLA would go all the way and win it.  With UCLA’s loss to Memphis, it makes me think that Memphis is the team to beat.  Then I watch Kansas kill UNC.  Yes, there was some sloppy play in the second half but they still pulled out a blowout (84-66). I did not expect UNC to fold like that.  So based upon my limited knowledge on college basketball, I like Memphis over Kansas.  I think Memphis will win by 5 points. 



7 thoughts on “Final Four – Saturday Recap

  1. No way, I heard already some Memphis players talking, they are making the same mistake North Carolina did – overconfident and overlooking Kansas,.. Kansas will come out and stun them just the way they did North Carolina! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK BABY!

  2. Ben, I agree with you. UCLA had a loss coming. I was just hoping it would be next season. But UCLA looked subpar during the tournament.

    edtajchman, I still got a gut feeling that Memphis is going to pull out a win against Kansas. To be honest, I am still shocked by UNC loss. I still think keep thinking back to the Kansas-Davidson game. Kansas barely beat them. I think we will see Kansas come out flat against Memphis.

    GO MEMPHIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. did you see the first 20 minutes of that game, KU put on a Harlem Globetrotter style performance,….lol…! They embarassed North Carolina, how could you be so shocked, ….?

  4. I was shocked because I thought UNC was the better team. Kansas definitely outplayed them, earned the victory and proved they were the better team. I thought Kansas got sloppy in the second half. You should be happy I am picking Memphis to win. I have been on a bad streak in regards to picking the winner of a game. If I like Memphis to win the game, that means Kansas is going to win. Well we will see what happens tonight. Go Memphis!!!!!

  5. Memphis was good,… KU just a little tougher and more focused though, and I really do think that comes from Rose’s overconfidence…

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