NCAA Champions – Kansas Jayhawks

II have to first say congrats to Kansas and I was wrong yet again. Anyone, who has taken my predictions and bet on the other team, you are welcome. This whole tournament, I made predictions and my projected winners would lose.

That was a great game. Chalmers’ 3 pointer at the end of regulation for Kansas was awesome. I do not understand one thing, why didn’t Memphis just foul the Kansas player and put him on the line to shoot free throws. With Kansas sending the game into overtime, that gave them the momentum to overtake Memphis in the overtime period. Kansas had all the energy in the overtime period and Memphis struggled to compete. That three at the end of regulation was the play of the game.

I enjoyed watching Kansas build a lead in the first half. Memphis made their run in the second half but ran out of steam and could not hit their free throws at the end of the game. This allowed Kansas to mount their historic comeback and send the game into overtime. How does a team blow a nine-point lead? Very easy, by missing free throws. Has not anybody learn anything from the hack-a Shaq philosophy? Having a good free throw percentage is fundamental and Memphis overlooked this. They average as a team 59% from the free throw line.

Again congrats to Kansas, the NCAA men’s basketball champions. They deserved it because they played hard and never gave up. They were the smarter team and knew the fundamentals. If a team can’t shoot their free throws, then hack-a-Shaq.


3 thoughts on “NCAA Champions – Kansas Jayhawks

  1. I just remember being packed like a sardine in a bar standing on my seat screaming my head off when Mario made that shot, SUPER MARIO!! I can’t even talk today..

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