NBA First Round Predictions

The first round of the NBA playoffs have a few good series,  I honestly believe that we may see an upset or two in the West.  I believe the East may have one upset.  Let’s start with the East.

Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks

Boston is too dominate not to win this series.  It is good to see Atlanta in the playoffs but they are going to get killed by the Celtics.  Easily a sweep, Boston in 4 games.

Detroit Pistons vs Philadelphia 76ers

This is another potential sweep. Detroit is a powerhouse. Philadelphia does not have a chance. Detroit may lose a game but they will win this series. This is a warm up series for the next round.  Detroit in 5 games.

Orlando Magic vs. Toronto Raptors

This series may provide some entertainment.  These two teams are good playoff teams.  I honestly believe these two teams are a piece away from becoming contenders in the East.  i like Dwight Howard and this will definitely influence my pick.  Just watch the highlights from the dunk competition at the All Star game, and you will see that Dwight can dunk.  This will be a hard fought battle and I believe Orlando will win the series in 6 games.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards

Here is another good series with two good playoff teams.  Cleveland is still two pieces away from being a NBA champion.  There is a major chemistry problem with this team and their trade earlier this year did not help.  Washington is one hungry team and will do everything they need to do to win this series.  I believe that Washington will barely win this series but will do it in a stunning 7 game series.  Washington is 7 games.

Let’s head out West.

LA Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets 

This will be an easy series for the Lakers.  The Lakers have MVP Kobe Bryant and a great supporting teammates such as Lamar and Gasol.  The other role players that are key are Turaif, Fisher, Farmer, and Walton.  The Lakers have a deep bench and Denver needs help.  I will be shocked if the Lakers do not win it in 4 games.  So LA Lakers in 4 games.  (On a side note watch for both Kobe to win the MVP and Phil Jackson to win coach of the year. )

New Orleans Hornets vs. Dallas Mavericks

I think New Orleans had a great year but they fell apart during the last week of the regular season. That is not good for the post season.  Dallas is on a mission and if Dirk’s ankle holds up, I think Dallas will win this series.  I did not like the trade for Jason Kidd but he is hungry for a championship as is Dirk.  Dallas will prevail in this series and will be a fun series.  Sorry New Orleans but Dallas to pull it out in 6 games.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns

Another great series I am looking forward to.  I think Phoenix made a horrible trade for Shaq but he will help them make it past the first round.  The San Antonio Spurs are going to make an early exit.  The longer the Spurs stay in the playoffs, the more games they win.  The Spurs look old and tired. Phoenix will have their way and win the series in 6 games.  (I would like to thank the Suns in advance for making sure we don’t have another Finals with San Antonio representing the West.)

Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets

I am having a tough time thinking who will win this series. Well I remember now, Tracy McGrady has never been made it past the first round of the playoffs.  I guess I will take the Utah Jazz.  Watch Houston go up 2 to 1 in this series and watch the Rockets and their NBA all star, Tracy McGrady, self destruct and lose the series.  I like Utah in 6 games



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