NBA – Isiah THomas fired as NY Knicks coach

It finally happened!  The rebuilding process can begin in New York.  I have never been a Knicks fan but getting rid of Isiah Thomas as coach was the best move in years.  He was a cancer to that organization and now they can move forward.  A few weeks ago they brought in Donnie Walsh in as the new team president and don’t be surprised by the moves NY will make during the off season to be competative again.  It should not be hard to take a team to the playoffs in the dismal Eastern conference.  Isiah failed as a head coach in both Indiana and New York.  He brought the CBA into bankruptcy an was on the brink of doing the same with the NY Knicks as team president.  He was even able to take the team he built and coach them into a  playoff contender.

Isiah was a good NBA player but he needs to leave the NBA and move on with his life but I would not be surprised to see him as a commentator down the road.


One thought on “NBA – Isiah THomas fired as NY Knicks coach

  1. He was a great player, but he ruined his legacy with this coaching debacle. Too bad for him, but Detroit will always embrace him as one of their own.

    I just don’t like this “Walsh will make the Knicks better” talk. Walsh isn’t that great, but he will definitly improve their public relations policies and make the Knicks more media friendly which is the most important thing for them right now anyway.

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