Spurs vs Suns – Afterthoughts Game 1

All I have to say is when a team is up by three at the end of regulation, foul the other team.  Why give them the opportunity to tie. Send them to the line for two and end the game on foul shots.  The end of the Spurs/Suns game is another example of bad strategy.  Allowing the Spurs to run a play and let Finely knock down a three to send it into OT was a bad decision.  At this level, mistakes like that should not be made.

I was not upset with Duncan hitting the three to send it into double OT.  I actually thought he was going to brick it.  With Amare out due to foul trouble and heading into double OT, I knew it was over for the Suns.

This is why I want the Spurs to lose as fast as possible in the playoffs.  The Suns were up by 9 and the Spurs battled back.  The Suns went up by 5 in OT, the Spurs battle back to tie it.  Double OT both teams looked tired.  The Spurs had the momentum and the home court and it played to their advantage in the overtime periods.  The sooner the Spurs are out of the playoffs, the less chance we will see them in the NBA Finals.

Lesson to the Suns: If your up by 3 with a less than 30 seconds to go, foul.  It will play to your advantage.  I still expect the Suns to win this series.  It is going to be one fun series.


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