NBA Playoffs – Fall of the Suns, Mavericks, Rockets

I thought the Western Conference playoffs wasgoing to be competitive this year.  I have new insight since last night (Tuesday). 

Let me start with the Rockets.  I expected the Rockets to lose and it’s not because of the Tracy McGrady curse but because they need Yao.  Utah looks great with winning two games in Houston.

Dallas losing two games to New Orleans is a shock.  I expected Dallas to make it a competitive series but instead New Orleans is killing them.  I like the way New Orleans is playing and I hope they continue to play like this into the next round.  New Orleans is definitely a good team and can be a contendor for the Western Conference Finals.

Dallas and San Antonio is another series that is letting me down.  After game one with the miracle three pointers putting this game in double overtime, I thought Phoenix would come back in game 2.  i was wrong.  I think the tables will change for San Antonio in Phoenix.  I expect Phoenix will tie up the series.  I hate San Antonio and the sooner they are out of the playoffs, the better off for the rest of the league.

The Lakers and Denver series is what I like to see.  I hate Kobe but Gasol was definitely the hero of the game. With the Lakers having another All-Star on their team, this allows Kobe to have a bad night here and there.  The Lakers need to finish this series and get ready to play some defense in round 2.

The West is definitely a mix of something old and something new.  The Lakers, San Antonio, New Orleans, and Utah look to have a handle on their series but soon these series will switch to a different arena.  With the exception of Utah, the rest of the teams are going to be on the road and its time to finish of business and go to the next round. 


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