NFL Draft – Kansas City Chiefs

I was a little disappointed with the late start time.  Although my disappointment ended quickly when I saw who the Chiefs picked up with their first pick, LSU Defensive Superstar – Glenn Dorsey.  This will be a huge impact for the Kansas City defense and I can’t wait until next season. Dorsey will be an immediate impact on the defense this year. 

I was not too excited that the Chiefs traded away Allen earlier this week but that worked out too. In the draft the Lions at 15 and Chiefs at 17 swapped picks and addressed another need with picking up offensive lineman Branden Albert.  The key to any successful football team is the offensive line.  The Chiefs’ offensive line was hurting last couple of years with both Willie Roaf and Will Shields retiring.  Albert will definetately  be a huge addition to this ailing offensive line. Another immediate impact for next year.

The Chiefs also picked up Brandon Flowers at cornerback.  Another player that will help out the defense next year.  I am not too familiar with Flowers. 

A very successful draft day on Saturday in the rebuilding effort for the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Kansas City Chiefs will be more competitive next year. 


2 thoughts on “NFL Draft – Kansas City Chiefs

  1. I agree with your assessment of the draft.

    And don’t forget that the Chiefs have a very favorable schedule for 2008.

    I’m not expecting big things this coming season. But I do believe that the Chiefs will surprise a lot of people in 2009.

    They will not see a lot of national broadcast time this year which will make their successful ’09 campaign so much sweeter as the sports world is taken by storm!

    I least that’s how it plays out in my head.

  2. I agree. No team can only be built by a draft. In the NFL, a team is built through free angency and the draft. I believe this is a step in the rebuilding process for the future and I believe the Chiefs will need 2008 to gel together and make adjustment for 2009, their Superbowl season.

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