MarioKart Wii Review

I just bought my third game for the Wii.  I am always looking for fun games to play with my wife and something simple for the kids.  I was not too excite when I first heard about this game for the Wii but it came with a cool steering wheel, aka the Wii Wheel.

I have played the game a few times since Sunday and it is a blast!  I have to say that my wife is the MarioKart queen in my house.  I don’t think I have beaten her at the game yet but I am getting better. This is a good buy for a multi player game, although, we have only played it with two players.  To some people the game may be a bit simple but it is fun.  I like the fact you can play other people over the Internet. 

My three and half year old son plays it but does not get it yet.  He is not into video games but he does try hard to play the game. On the beach level, he likes driving his kart into the ocean, he thinks it is funny.  I think if he spends more time on it, he will get it.  Personally, I rather him play outside than on the Wii.

My wife enjoys the game but I think it is because she keeps kicking my behind at it.  i really enjoy playing this game with my wife on the Wii.  We are always looking for fun games on the Wii to play together.

This is a definite buy to add to your Wii collection.  The only option I wish it had is an opportunity for the user to build their own tracks.  I would give this game a 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Below I have a couple links to some cheats for MarioKart.

  2. IGN.COM

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