The fall of the Dallas Mavericks – Avery Johnson fired as head coach

The Dallas Mavericks have fired Avery Johnson as head coach. I am not surprised by this move but I would put most of the blame for an early exit from the playoffs because what the Dallas Mavericks gave up to get Jason Kidd. I expect Avery Johnson to be coaching somewhere else very soon.

Last year’s early exit from the playoffs was due to the genius of head coach Don Nelson and an overachieving Golden State Warrior team. I believe the Mavericks panicked to find a fix to their team. When the LA Lakers traded for Pau Gasol, Dallas thought they would need to add another piece to their puzzle. Unfortunately they took away the wrong pieces just to add an old NBA star.

I think in this situation the coach was not at fault. I truly believe this falls on the GM and Mark Cuban. I am not too sure who their GM is. Dallas’ window to win a championship ended when they lost to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. The West is packed with some great teams and no longer is Dallas an elite team in the NBA.

A new era is dawning in the West and a team like New Orleans has emerged. The LA Lakers are ready to reclaim the NBA Championship with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and his all star teammates Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. A remaining obstacle for these two teams in the West are the San Antonio Spurs. Can they win a back to back title? They do have a stellar line up with Duncan, Parker, Ginolbli, and Finely but will their age show? We will find out this June.


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