Saturday’s Fun

Today we had a birthday party for our little princess.  It was interesting to see 8 kids running around our place.  The ages of the children ranged from 18 months to almost four years old.  I was shocked at how well everything went.  Yes the house went from clean to disaster status in about one hour.  We have learned to shorten the length of the party.  We ended the party at a little after one in the afternoon but this allowed the parents to keep their nap schedule for their kids.

We also learned to keep it simple.  We stayed with the Elmo theme that our princess picked out.  Instead of BBQ, we picked up a few pizzas at Costco.  This kept it simple and easy. 



Friday Madness

Well, Friday is already here.  Today we will be cleaning the house and getting ready for Ava’s birthday party tomorrow.  We are all exhausted from our Disneyland trip yesterday.  Wow, my feet are still hurting from all that walking. The kids had a blast and really enjoyed the park. On top of cleaning the house, we will have AT&Tinstalling U-verse service.  They are offering the service free for a month, so we are willing to try it.  We still need to pick up the food for the party but that should be quick this evening.  Later next week I will post a Disneyland review. 

I knew going to Disneyland on a weekeday (Thursday) that I would be extremely tired the next day but at least the park was not as crowded as a day on the weekend. 

Disneyland, Here we come

Today is my little princess’s birthday.  I promised her that on her birthday I would take her to Disneyland.  Everyone in our house is excited to go.  It has been a few years since I have been there and I can’t wait to go.  I hope my kids have fun and are not scared of the characters.  Last year, we went to a kids birthday party at Chuck E Cheese’s and my boy would not get close to the Chuck E Cheese live character.  It is a little less than a year but I think he is over that phase.  My little princess is always the adventurer and not too many things scare her.

One bummer is It’s A Small World ride is close for renovation and is not expected to open until this fall.  I heard a rumor that one of the reasons they are renovating it is because vistors to the park are more overweight today and they want to strengthen the boats to handle the extra pounds.  Who would have ever thought that.  Hmmmmmmmmm!!

Last time I went to Disneyland, both Space Mountain and the Enchanted Tiki Room were being renovated.  My kids are way too young for Space Mountain but definitely ready for the Tiki Tiki Room, where the birds all sing and the flowers bloom.

Well Happy Birthday to my Princess.  Here’s to a fun day at the Magic Kingdom, aka Disneyland.

Activities with Toddlers in Southern California -Story Time In The Park

Earlier this month was the first installment of story time at one of our local parks.  As summer approaches many park districts will put on story time for families in the park.  This activity varies from one park district to another park district throughout Southern California.  We grabbed a blanket and put it on the grass and watch the humorous performance by the actors

Our story time was presented by three amateur actors portraying Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey from the movie Shrek.  My wife and I  had expected them to present a skit from the movie Shrek.  Instead, each character retold a childhood story such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Three Little Pigs.  Audience participation was encouraged.  It was a fun to get out with the family for the evening.  I can’t wait until the next one.  I really think the actors did a good job with this performance.  Our kids sat for most of it.  It was funny when we first got there and I asked my boy if he sees Shrek.  His response was “That’s not Shrek!”

 Overall this was a great outing for the family.  I am glad the kids had fun.  Well, we will see how the next performance will be next month. 


Happy Wednesday

I can’t believe it Wednesday is almost over.  This week is going by fast.  After work, we spent most of the day shopping for things for my princess’s birthday party.  We got a lot done in a very short time.  We are still not sure what will be on the menu for the party but definitely cake and ice cream is at the top of the list. 

I really like the selection of items that Party America has for birthday parties.  It is very easy to find items for a theme party for kids.  I was not really paying attention to the other items for differnet parties.

Well it is time to get the house all clean.  That defineately will not be fun and something I am not looking forward to.

Francis Chan Video Blog

I found out that Francis Chan has a video blog.  Francis Chan is the teaching pastor at Cornerstone Community Church.  He is a very good pastor with a passion for God.  It definitely shows in his life.  His video blog gives a unique perspective from his life.  Francis sometimes likes to goof off, below is a hilarious video he made with Charlie Hall.  Another good video is his daughter doing an impression of him, see below,


McCain, Clinton, Obama – Do We have any other Choice?

My dilemma will come this November.  More than likely Obama will be the Democrats’ nominee and McCain has already wrapped up the Republicans’ nominee. I really don’t care who takes the Democrats’ nominee, I don’t like either of them.

McCain I don’t trust.  Just look at his voting record.  He looks more like than a Democrat than a Republican.  I don’t like Obama or Clinton because the first thing either nominee would do is raise taxes.  i would trust McCain when it comes to foreign policy but I am not too sure about Obama.  i think I would trust Hillary in the foreign policy department. 

I would vote for Obama or Hillary if they are serious about fixing our health care system in the United States.  I believe every American should have access to health care.  Most people are against a universal health care system but with the rising cost of health insurance, i am all for it.  The amount I pay for premiums every months versus a tax, Ican’t imagine my tax would be higher than what I pay.  there are many Americans out there who need medical treatment and we should not deny them treatment because they can’t afford it.  Two if they do get treatment, then they are stuck with an outrageous bill.  Don’t be fooled, Hillary or Obama won’t fix it.  I remember when Hillary was First Lady, it was proposed early in Bill Clinton’s presidency but it faded away quickly.

So who is our third option?  Please don’t mention Ralph Nader.  I want to know if there are any other serious candidates out there.  Let’s hope we get a real candidate between now and November. Otherwise it is going to be a long four years.