Lakers’ Game Six Victory

I watch parts of game 6 on Friday night.  The Lakers held off Utah and earned a birth into the Western Conference Finals.  The Lakers dominated most of the game and that is why I really was not paying attention to the game.  Again the Lakers defense allowed the Utah Jazz to come back and if not for a couple of questionable calls at the end of the game, Utah might have stolen game six.  

Two times during the closing minutes of game six, Kobe Bryant commited two offensive foul but the NBA referee called two defensive fouls on Utah.   One of the fouls could have gone either way but the other one was definitely an offensive foul.  Now that we know there are referees that bet on NBA games, who knows, maybe this referee had a bet on the game.   HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, just kidding about the referee. 

Well congrats to the Lakers but they must play better defense in the next round of the playoffs.  They will need it if they play New Orleans in the Western Conference Finals.  I think the Lakers will have a hard time with both San Antonio or New Orleans but I think the Lakers will have an easier series with San Antonio. 

Today is Sunday and that means Game 7 for Boston and Cleveland.  Go Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!

One side note, Phil Jackson should be coach of the year. 


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