Eastern Conference Finals Prediction 2008

My prediction for the Eastern Conference is a hard one.  These two teams are the best in the East and I do not believe any of the other teams come close to them in the Eastern Conference.  Cleveland is probably the closest but they need to add some role players for Lebron James.  I know some argue that the Orlando Magic are a team on the rise but I don’t see them as an NBA Championship contender for at least another two years.

Detroit is defineately the favorite in this series.  i know Boston has home court but Boston has struggled during the playoffs.  I am not sure who to blame in Boston either the coach or the players but they can’t rely on always winning at home.  They need to learn to win on the road in the playoffs.  I hope Boston realizes from seeing the result of the San Antonio Spurs/New Orleans Hornets series, that it is vital to win on the road and not to rely on home court advantage.

I believe the Boston Celtics will win this in 6 games.  Boston will come out and make a statement with this series.  This series will show they can win on the road and they are ready to face any team in the West. I believe that Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce will stop at nothing to make it to the NBA Finals.  The clock is ticking for them and this is their best chance to get a ring. I believe in conspiracy theories and I believe David Stern will do what he need to do to assure a LA Lakers/Boston Celtics series.  The NBA would have great ratings for that series.


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