Game 7 Victory – San Antonio Spurs over the New Orleans Hornets

San Antonio made a statement to the NBA last night.  They won convincingly last night in New Orleans.  The human spark plug, Manu Ginobili has 26 points, speedy Tony Parker had 17 points and Tim Duncan had 16 points.  San Antonio does what it needs to win. 

Part of me wanted the Spurs out of the playoffs as soon as possible but I also wanted to see a LA Lakers/San Antonio Spurs series.  Here is my problem,  the longer the Spurs stay in the playoffs, they do what they need to win.  Somehow every year, they end up going to the NBA Finals.  On the other hand, I want the LA Lakers to beat the San Antonio Spurs.  It seems that these two teams always clash in the playoffs and why not be the team that sends the defending world champions packing. The rivalry between the Spurs and Lakers will make a great series.  I think this Lakers squad can beat the San Antonio in a seven game series. Although the LA Lakers need to step up the defense against this San Antonio squad.

The Hornets played a great series and this loss will make them have a greater sense of urgency to advance to the NBA Finals next year.  This is a very young team that will be back in the playoff hunt next year.  I believe that the Hornets are a piece away from being an NBA Championship contender.


One thought on “Game 7 Victory – San Antonio Spurs over the New Orleans Hornets

  1. I would love to see a Spurs-Lakers western conference championship series. Unfortunately, the way we are looking right now, no one in San Antonio should be thinking that far ahead. Dallas is proving to be no easy matchup. Is this because we don’t have Ginobili? Maybe, we have plenty of puzzle pieces to win without him. I just hope that our team shows up aggressive tonight.

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