New Shakes

I live in the Southern California area and many of the fast food places have unique flavored shakes for a limited time.  Today i will be reviewing the Captain Crunch Shake from Carl’s Jr  and the Kona Coffee Shake from Jack in the Box.

Carl’s Jr – Captain Crunch Shake

I tried this one the other day.  I love Captain Crunch cereal and I thought it was a good idea to mix in a shake.  Well good ideas, do not always mean a good shake.  To be honest the shake tasted like a vanilla shake with pieces of Captain Crunch mix in.  Nothing fabulous, I would not buy the shake again.  I would rate it a C-.

Kona Coffee Shake – Jack in the Box

I have tried the Kona Coffee shake a few time now.  This is a great shake to drink.  The kona coffee flavor is yummy.  Any chance I get to stop by Jack in the Box, I will make an effort to pick up this shake.  I would rate it as an A-.


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