IKEA Going Green ?

i can’t believe it. I feel like I am back in Lithuania.

We went shopping at IKEA today to get a few things.  We were not looking to buy anything big.  My wife is looking to buy some everyday silverware. She does not want to buy a set but buy the pieces of the silverware individually.  Unfortunately IKEA only had sets.  Nevertheless we did not buy any silverware but we got a few small things.  We even bought a small tent for the kids to play with outside.  It was a bargain at ten dollars. 

We really liked the bunk beds and we are considering buying a bunk bed for our kids.  There were two we really liked and the prices were very reasonable.

So is IKEA going green?  We went to pay for our stuff and I notice a sign.  It basically said that IKEA was no longer offering complimentary plastic bags for goods purchased.  It was their part to help with the environment.  As a customer, two options were availableeither buy a huge  durable reusable bag for 59 cents or buy the normal plastic bag for 5 cents.    With our IKEA in Burbank, customer parking is in a parking structure across the street, there is limited parking in front of the store for loading big items.  Good luck finding a spot there.  Basically you are stuck buying their reusable bag or the normal plastic bag.    I can’t wait for the grocery stores to pass this expense on to us. 

While I was in Lithuania last summer, the grocery store out there did the same thing.  If you wanted a plastic bag to carry your grocery in, they charge a small fee.  I remember the first time I went to Lithuania, we went to McDonald’s In Kaunas and we had to pay for a ketchup packet. 


7 thoughts on “IKEA Going Green ?

  1. I actually like the reusable bags that Costco has. Their bags looks more durable and can hold upto 70 lbs. The ones at IKEA seem cheap. If I knew IKEA had this policy I would have brought my stroller with me or my Costco reusable.

    Labas, I am doing very good.

  2. I agree with you!
    Just another attempt by the stores to pass the expenses onto the customer. One would think that politicians could find more worthy projects to invest their time. In Connecticut they are trying to
    do the same. Absolute ridiculous and petty annoyances. Mindless Liberals an ‘Progressives’ responsible for this B.S.(all socialists with self serving interests) couldn’t care less about the “Green” issues they promote. All about getting re-elected and funneling more money into their pockets.

    Lithuania at least for the past 15 years or so has always charged for plastic bags. I forget every time I’m at the register!. But they have been carrying bags or netted sacks around with them for years. Most shop almost daily as opposed to the American way of making one huge purchase to last the whole week or more. Lithuanians as well as other former Soviet captives would carry
    these more durable bags with them mainly because there was always shortages of one item or another. If they happened to be walking home rom the Bus Stop and see a line of people forming outside a store they knew something was about to become available and always had their bag ready!

    Back to the subject of going “Green” I can’t wait for the effects of global warming to start kicking in! (If it ever does! $$$$$$$$$$$) The months of April and May have been much colder than usual!)

  3. Me Again!
    By the way!…Nice Blog, Interesting Topics!
    I probably won’t always agree…but in the real world who does? Look foward to your posts.
    Lots of other good Blogs out there! Need more Lithuanians to start their own blogs (English) and add their own two cents!

    If your ever in Connecticut, stop in for a beer!
    I toss my bottles in the trash to go for the land fill
    but a keep a recycle bin for guests who prefer the green life! Funny how they love to gather around my outdoor cast iron chimney and marvel at the comfort of the heat and the beauty of the burning embers as I pump carbon and other polutants into the atmosphere! One ‘Green Guest’ actually asked me if I wanted to take the wood from a tree he had recently cut down with his gasoline powered chain saw! I was tempted to tell his very
    ‘green’ wife that she should spend some money and fix the antifreeze and oil leaks on her car!. Nice stains on my driveway…I hear that the antifreeze can send the cute little kitties and lovable canines to an agonizing death also!

  4. Sorry for taking up so much of your Comment Space! Costco reusable bags are great! Costco is great too! Every time I shop at other supermarket chains for items that Costco dosen’t carry I fell like Ive been robbed and raped! I always tell people to check it out. Especially anyone who owns a home or is raising a family.
    Most of the products are of high quality. I seldom
    find anything that is not. And then it is usaully a matter of individual tastes or preferences.

    Some people are penny wise and dollar dumb!
    They just can’t shell out that annual membership fee! But the actual savings throughout the year is probably ten-fold! In my area the Gas at Costco is always at least 10 cents cheaper per gallon than
    other less expensive brands.

  5. I enjoyed your comments Bieksia. I don’t buy the global warming garbage either, thanks Al Gore! We all know this whole global warming garbage is just another way to make money off the people.

    If I am ever in your neck of the woods, I will definitely swing by your place for beer. I have to admit, I miss beer shopping in Lithuania. I like going to the store and seeing the beer section the size of the soda section at the grocery store in the United States. The price of the beer is relatively cheap also.

    I have been fortunate to find Lithuanian beer and Dadu ice cream in the Los Angeles area.

  6. I was impressed by the size of the beer sections too. The ‘Maxima’ supermarket chain is pretty impressive also. When I entered the fish/meat/baked good section (which was well stocked with just about everything you could think of) I thought I died and went to Lithuanian Heaven! Rigt next to the ‘Maxima’ in Kaunas there is a sizable market with small shops that sell every kind of specialty food that one can imagine.

    I have to drive 45 minutes to buy LT beer and the selection is limited. Wish I had one now!

    I may or may not have mentioned that there is a new English Language Forum for discussions about Lithuania and Lithuanians. It would be my pleasure if you’ll accept my invitation to join us!
    It’s open to everyone and Blog Authors are welcomed to post links to their own blogs as well.
    Traffic is a little slow at the moment. Beginings are always humble. We already have a few good people participating and a few more should be joining us soon if the bother to checke their e-mail!

    Hope to see you there!


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