Disneyland, Here we come

Today is my little princess’s birthday.  I promised her that on her birthday I would take her to Disneyland.  Everyone in our house is excited to go.  It has been a few years since I have been there and I can’t wait to go.  I hope my kids have fun and are not scared of the characters.  Last year, we went to a kids birthday party at Chuck E Cheese’s and my boy would not get close to the Chuck E Cheese live character.  It is a little less than a year but I think he is over that phase.  My little princess is always the adventurer and not too many things scare her.

One bummer is It’s A Small World ride is close for renovation and is not expected to open until this fall.  I heard a rumor that one of the reasons they are renovating it is because vistors to the park are more overweight today and they want to strengthen the boats to handle the extra pounds.  Who would have ever thought that.  Hmmmmmmmmm!!

Last time I went to Disneyland, both Space Mountain and the Enchanted Tiki Room were being renovated.  My kids are way too young for Space Mountain but definitely ready for the Tiki Tiki Room, where the birds all sing and the flowers bloom.

Well Happy Birthday to my Princess.  Here’s to a fun day at the Magic Kingdom, aka Disneyland.


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