NBA Finals Are Set

The LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics will battle it out for the NBA Championship.  It is a flashback to the 80’s.  Two dominate teams will meet and may the best team win.  It all starts next Thursday.

I want the LA Lakers to win but I hate Kobe Bryant.  I hate Phil Jackson due to his Chicago Bulls beating the LA Lakersduring the 90’s.  Phil has redeemed himself with coaching the LA Lakers  to three NBA Championships from 1999-2001.  I would like to see Phil earn his 10th championship ring as a coach against the Boston Celtics breaking Red Auerbach’s record at 9 championship rings as a coach.

The Boston Celetics big three of Pierce, Garnett,  and Allen will face off against the LA Lakers big three of Bryant, Odom, and Gasol.  I think the Boston Celtics starting five will match up to the LA lakers starting five.  When the Lakers are on, I don’t think any team can stop them.  Kobe is deserving as the league’s MVP and he can score at will.  If Boston decides to double team Kobe, then Gasol or Odom will be ready to step up. 

After watching Boston struggle through the playoffs, I think there is an issue with their team.  I don’t believe it is an issue of talent but coaching.  The Boston Celtics have lost one game last series at home but did go into Detroit to win two games.  Garnett, Allen, and Pierce all have the hunger to claim their first NBA Championship.  Boston will definitely have an opportunity to win this series.

Kobe Bryant has a desire to win a NBA Championship without Shaq.  No one can deny that Kobe is an NBA superstar, but he will need to rely on his teammates to pull out a victory against the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.  The success of the Lakers ever since the Gasol trade was their passing.  Kobe can take over a game or two this series but to win the series his teammates will need to step up. 

This series will come down to the bench players and I believe the Lakers have a better bench.  Kobe will need to get his teammates involved but if they don’t, Kobe has the ability to carry the team.  I believe we will see why Kobe is the MVP and we will see the Lakers winning this series in 6 games. I would love to watch LA win the series in LA but winning it in Boston would be a crushing blow.  Again LA is 6 games.




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