Cash No Good!

A few weeks ago, we headed out for Zuma beach.  It was extremely hot and finding a parking spot was near to impossible.  After spending close to 30 minutes looking for a spot, we decided to use the pay parking lot at Zuma beach.  We looked around the car and our wallets, and we found a $100 bill.  Cool we have money to pay for parking.  The parking attendant informed us that they do not take bills larger than $20 dollars.  We even offered to pay for our friends who were behind us in their car, it seems they had no cash on them either but the parking attendant would not take the $100.  We asked if we could use our debit/credit card, he informed us they are not set up for that.  They only took cash under $20.  We eventually found a spot on the street for free.

A while back we went to Venice beach, we spent quite a bit of time looking for a parking spot on the side streets.  All the spots were taken so we ended up at a pay parking lot.  We found a cheap one for $1 an hour but with a 2 hour limit.  This parking lot did not have an attendant but a machine.  I had $5 dollars cash on me but it was one of those new $5 bills.  To my luck the machine did not recognize it.  I noticed a place on the beach that sold food.  I asked them if they could break my five but it was against their policy.  I had to buy a cup of tap water for 50 cents.  Fortunately that worked out.

Today we went to Target to return a few items.  Most of the items we had a receipts for them but two of the items we were unable to locate the receipt.  They gladly accepted the items with the receipt for return.  The two remaining items, a baby’s doll and a purse, they checked our debit/credit card to determine if we purchased them with that card.  Well they determined that my debit card was used for the purchase of the doll but the purse was not purchase with any of our debit/credit cards.  it seems we paid cash for the purse and it was no longer showing in their computers.  The purse still had the Target price tag on it but they would not allow us to return it.  We were even willing  to accept store credit but still no luck.  No receipt and since we paid for it with cash and  it was no longer in their computer system, they would not accept it.  They sad thing was we only paid for $7 for it.  I guess we are better off paying for eveything with our debit/credit card.

So what the point of paying with cash? 


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