Obama’s VP? Hillary Clinton?

Sometime this weekend, Hillary Clinton will concede her presidential bid to Barak Obama.  Barak Obama now has secured enough of the delegates to secure the bid.  Who should be on the ticket as the Vice President?

I have one piece of advice for Barak Obama, keep Bill and Hillary as far away from the White House as possible.  You don’t need Hillary Clinton on your ticket.  Take anybody else but Hillary, Bill Richardson would make a great vice president. 

Does Hillary deserve the Vice President position?  No Way!  Yes she fought a good campaign but that does not mean she deserves the position.  I think Bill Clinton being in the White House with Barak Obama as president will be an awkward situation.  If Hillary was Vice President, then Bill would have more free time than last time to spend with the interns.

It will be interesting to see how Barak Obama will fare up to the general election.  I think he is a lot of talk and no action. I am looking forward to the debates between Obama and McCain.  If he becomes president, the only change I guarantee is he will raise taxes.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s VP? Hillary Clinton?

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