Who will get my vote?

Today oil spiked up $11 to roughly $139 a barrel.  Experts predict that by July 4th weekend , we will be at $5 a gallon for gas.  There goes my plans for any long driving trips this summer.  It just hit $4 a gallon not too long ago and now we are talking about $5 a gallon.  Any bets we will be at $6  by the end of summer.

To all those in Congress and those running for President, I have some advice.  Forget about party politics, forget about the environment, forget about taxes, etc…  There is only one thing I am concern about and that is the price of gas.  All I care to hear about from anyone running for office is their plan to lower the price of gas.  If your plan is to start drilling in more places in the United States, then great.  If your plan is to make Iraq our 51st state, then great.  It is time to stop playing party politics and figure out a solution.  Otherwise, I think it is time, we the people, recall the lazy politicians out of office and replace them with someone else who is willing to do something.

Please remember that ever since that Democrats have had a majority control of the Congress, the price of gas has risen.  i thought their plan was to lower the price of gas.  Please let your voice be heard this November.


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