A-Team Movie Rumors

The A-Team movie should be release about one year from today.  It is being reported that the exact release date will be June 12, 2009. There have been a few casting rumors but nothing for sure yet.  Originally the rumor for B.A. Baracus (Mr. T.’s role) was Ice Cube but recently Tyrese Gibson has also been mention.  Bruce Willis is being considered for the role of Hannibal Smith and  Woody Harrelsonhas been mentioned for the role of Murdock.  i am not a huge Woody Harrelson fan but Bruce Willis would be cool.  There is no replacing Mr. T. so I pity the fool who gets to fill that role.

In regards to what the movie will be about, I have found a site on the Internet with that information.  So far, the movie sounds lame.  I enjoyed the show when it was on television but anytime there is a remake for the big screen the movie usually flops.  There still is a chance it could work out but I guess we will have to wait until next June. 


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