Game 2 – Lakers vs. Celtics

Game One is over and done with.  Celtics played a better game than the Lakers.  Paul Pierce coming back into the game after his injury was inspirational.  If the injury was real or fake does not matter, his returned fueled his team to overtake the Lakers.  Kobe Bryant shooting was horrible but he will bounce back soon.  By game 2 or game 3 at home, he will be in a zone. 

Do I expect the Celtics to lose game 2?  No, the Celtics are a good home team.  I would lkike to blame it on the curse of the Boston Garden but that was the old arena.  The Celtics big three are key.  If Paul Pierce’s injury is for real, then we will see it’s effect in game 2.  The true question is, will the Celtics defense be able to keep Kobe in a shooting slump.  Kevin Garnett inside is causing havoc for the Lakers.  If the Lakers can’t go inside then it allows the Boston defense to force the game outside.  Ray Allen could be an X-factor if he continues to score.

The Lakers have to realize the pressure is on the Celtics.  The Celtics are expected to win at home.  If the Lakers can steal game 2 then the Lakers have a golden opportunity.  Kobe Bryant needs help from his team mates this game.  This means if Kobe is in a shooting slump, then he needs to pass the ball.  Personal note to Kobe Bryant, quit trying to get out of your shooting slump, pass the ball to your team mates, and this will force the Boston defense to focus on one of your other team mates.  If you follow this plan, you will opportunity to take better shots.  Kobe for game tape on this concept, watch the movie Celtic Pride.  To the rest of the Lakers,  it is time to step up.  Lamar or Pau, this is the time for you to outshine Kobe for a couple quarters.  Someone else needs to be the offensive machine.  Doc Rivers will make a halftime adjustment and then Kobe it is your time to offensively explode. 

I expect the Lakers to have a small lead going into the fourth quarter.  The Lakers will blow their lead and Boston will win by four points.  Boston will go up by 2 games and then the scene shifts to Los Angeles.


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