Lakers vs Celtics – Game 3

The Lakers are back at home and Kobe was back in the zone.  It’s definitely good to be at home.  Kobe Bryant has 36 points.  The other big man for the Lakers was Sasha Vujacic, he poured in 20 points.  Thank you Sasha for helping out tonight.  I was a little disappointed in both Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom with only 9 points each.  It is amazing to see the LA Lakers get to the line finally.  Hmmm,  I wonder if there is any truth to ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy’s allegations. 

Two of the Celtics big three came up short tonight.  Ray Allen was the only one  who was in a zone tonight with 25 points.  Ray Allen was hot from three point land with 5 of 7 for threes.  I was disappointed in both Garnett and Pierce.  Kevin Garnett had 13 points, while Paul Pierce had 6 points.  We will see how serious Rondo’s injury is tomorrow.

I honestly believe, we are looking at a seven game series.  Both teams are great home teams that don’t like losing on their home court.  The Lakers need to keep the defense up on the Celtics for the next game.  One note to the Celtics, what was the point of having Ray Allen guard Kobe Bryant one on one at the end of the game?  Fourth quarter and if Kobe has the ball with less than 90 seconds left, you should double team him and force him to take a bad shot or pass the ball.  Remember he is the league’s MVP for a reason.  Kobe is the best one on one player in the league.


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