Touch a Truck Day

This weekend we attended a Touch a Truck day at the local park.  When I first heard of this event I was not sure what to expect.  This event is geared for younger children to touch a truck.  Sit in them, play in them, and just let their imaginations run wild.  They had many different trucks to see.  They had two huge Monster Trucks that are taller than me and I am over six feet tall.  That was the first time I have ever been inside a Monster Truck.  There were also police cars,  police motorcycles, the swat van, fire trucks, ride on grass mowers, garbage trucks,  limos, school buses, UPS trucks, ambulances, a big rig with a tractor/trailer, and even some construction viechles.  The local military bas had on display a Humvee, and other viechles they use. 

This event was great for both kids and adults.  I was even shocked by the fact their was a huge blow up slide and bouncer for the kids to play on at no cost.  They had set up various activities for kids to particapte in such as washing a car and finger painting.  I would have loved to volunteer my car to be washed. 



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