Boston Celtics Champions- Celtics Demolish the Lakers in Game 6

NOOOOO, Lakers lose another NBA Final to the Boston Celtics.  Championship #17.

YESSSSSS, Kobe hasn’t won a NBA Championship without Shaq.  Thank You Boston :>!!!!!!!

The big three came up big!  Kevin Garnett had a monster night with 26 points, 14 rebounds,  and 4 assists.  Ray Allne also had 26 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists.  NBA Finals MVP Paul Pierce had 17 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds.  The scoring did not stop with the big three, this was a night when everyone contributed.  Rondo had 21 points, 7 rebounds, 6 steals, and 8 assists, while Posey had 11 points and House had 9 points.    Overall the Celtics crushed the Lakers by 39 points.

The Lakers did make it to Boston to play but they gave up early.  Kobe had 22 points but he could not make an impact.  Odom had 14 points and Gasol had 11 points.  The only other Lakers in double figures was Jordan Farmar with 12 points.  Forget comparing Kobe to Jordan, MJ would never allow himself to be humiliated like this in the NBA Finals.  Kobe still has not learned how to make the players around him better.  I doubt Kobe will never win another NBA Championship.  If you were  asleep at the end of the third quarter, you missed ballhogging Kobe Bryant turning over the ball three times in a row.

Paul Pierce is the man and deserves to be Finals MVP.  He is the spark plug for this team and I am glad he has won a NBA Championship.  His comeback in game one after what looked like a serious injury, set the tone for the rest of the Finals.  I am also happy to see both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett winning their first championship.  Ray Allen was always a favorite player of mine was he was in Seattle and I am glad that he made his way to Boston for this championship.  I know Kevin Garnett has been a dominate player all these years and now he has the opportunity to experience an NBA Championship after all those years of hard work.  Boston has built an awesome team and remember they dominated during the regular season against the West and they proved it was no fluke by demolishing the Lakers during the NBA Finals.   

I can’t believe that Doc Rivers outcoached Phil Jackson.  I give the credit to Doc in coaching  but many of the players in Boston learned to put aside their egos for one common goal: the 2008 NBA Championship. 

Congrats to the Celtics for an awesome championship.  This was the second largest margin of victory in a NBA Finals game and the largest margin of victory in a clicher game (131 – 92).  The Celtics definitely leave no doubt they are the best team in the NBA for 2008.


3 thoughts on “Boston Celtics Champions- Celtics Demolish the Lakers in Game 6

  1. Too many egomaniacs and sociopaths in basketball, baseball and football for me to be a fan of any sport other than hockey which is the only sport that matters in my native canada. Cant truly understand how people can get excited about hoops because the home team always seems to win. This plus lame foul calls turn me and so many other canucks off the sport. Maybe cultural differences can explain but I’m at a loss to explain the excitement. Nonetheless, congrats celtics. Boston proves once again it is a winner.

  2. Hockey and soccer are boring, boring, boring sports. They gameplay is way to fast to follow, making it almost meaningless. Hockey was watchable on TV for a brief time when they had that blue light follow the puck=; then I could look away or think to myself for more than a tenth of a second and come back and pick things up.

    And I suppose hockey doesn’t have egomaniacs? As if. The “sport” is nothing more than an excuse for brutes to be brutish and applauded for it. Cultural differences? Perhaps.

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