Swimming lessons

It is summertime and now we are taking the boy to swimming lessons down at the local pool.  It seems he is having a blast.  Everyday he is very eager to goto swimming lessons.  I hope that by the end of summer he can swim well enough that I don’t have to worry about him in a swimming pool.  They have him jumping into the pool and I really hope I can get him to jump in our pool.  I am glad he enjoys the water. 

I remember as a kid going down to the local pool to learn to swim too.  We lived very close to Biola University in La Mirada and as kids we would use there pool, which was open to the public.  I remember only taking a lesson or two there.  I am still not a great swimmer today but we did have lots of fun at that pool.  The only thing I never did was jump off the high dive there.  I recall getting in line for the high dive but when it came time to climb up the steps, I chickened out. 


One thought on “Swimming lessons

  1. It’s a great skill to learn and master. Not only will it give your son good strength and fitness, but it just may be the skill that saves his or other lives one day.

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