NBA Draft Night 2008

Tonight is when NBA teams welcome the newest thugs into the league.  I always wonder which one will have the hugest impact off the court.  I do apologize somewhat because some of these guys are very nice and professional but there is always one guy that the media hounds are waiting for to screw up and put their picture all over their tabloids newspapers. 

It went down like everyone predicted.  Rose would be chosen first by the Chicago Bulls, Beasley would then be selected by the Miami heat, and Mayo would be selected third by the Timberwolves. 

Rose will make a huge impact on the Bulls.  I believe the Bulls will bounce back and be a contender in the playoffs next year.  I still think the Bulls made a mistake in their selection of Vinny Del Negro as coach because I really wanted Avery Johnson or Doug Collins to become their next head coach.

Beasley will help Miami but the real question is what offseason plans are the Miami Heat looking at.  I like Shawn Marion but his salary is an issue.  We will see what Miami looks like when the regular season begins.

According to what I seen already Mayo has been traded to Memphis for Love and there are a few other players involved.  ESPN is reporting  “That the Wolves have reached an agreement in principle with the Memphis Grizzlies that will send the draft rights to Mayo, Marko Jaric, Antoine Walker and Greg Buckner to the Grizzlies in return for the draft rights to Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal and Jason Collins.”

I also like the fact that Indiana traded Jermaine O’Neal to Toronto for Ford, Nestrovic, and the 17 pick in tonight’s draft.  I think this will have a huge impact on Toronto for next season.



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