Rise of the Roman Empire…Oops I mean the E.U. and M.U.

I ran across this article on Joel Rosenberg blog.  I had heard nothing of this in the media and it seems very intriguing what this is setting up for future events.  Below I have posted part of Joel’s article.

An intriguing new geopolitical entity was born over the weekend that could in ways small and large dramatically change the course of Europe and the Middle East in the years ahead. At a series of ceremonies in Paris — in a palace overlooking the River Seine — leaders from 43 countries comprising 756 million people met officially to form the “Mediterranean Union,” to fight terrorism, end WMD proliferation, enhance regional security, and promote free trade, economic development, and tourism. The brainchild of French President Nicolas Sarkzozy, the M.U. is certainly not a formal military or economic alliance by any stretch. Not yet, at least. But significantly, it does include all the nations of the European Union, Israel and all the countries of North Africa. The sole exception is Libya, whose leader, Muammar Gadaffi, denounced the organization as the rise of a “another Roman Empire.”Gadaffi is right.


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