Childress leaves for Europe – NBA Notes

Josh Childress from the Atlanta Hawks is heading to Europe to play for Greek club Olympiakos.   He received a contract for 20 million over 3 years.  Childress is setting a trend for other players to leave the NBA.  If this trend continues, don’t be surprised to see more players leave to play overseas.  One of the reasons Childress left Atlanta for Greece is because he did not get along with his coach. 

If I had an opportunity to play on an average NBA team or play in Europe, I would go play in Europe.  My only demand is to be paid in Euros.  I would go to Europe for 20 million euros for 3 years.  I hope Childress helps his team in Europe win a championship. 

No longer is it about playing in the NBA but about who is willing to pay the big bucks.  More and more international players do not want to play in the NBA but are returning to play in Europe for teams out there.


2 thoughts on “Childress leaves for Europe – NBA Notes

  1. Josh Childress is a digrace to all Americans. Just like any American that loves Europe more than America. If you love other places so much then get the hell out!!! We want true Americans living in America. Not guys that just want the glory and the money. The NBA should ban Josh Childress from ever coming back.Anybody, that supports Josh Childress is un-American. Any basketball player that follows Josh Childress to Europe is un-American. Anybody that was born in America and actually chooses to go play for another country (Chris Kaman) is un-American. You know why Americans have been losing in the olympics its because we have been kind enough to let Europeans and other foreigners into the NBA. And those spies learn from us take our American money and then go home and teach their own country how to beat us (Yao Ming). I would like to see a ban of foreign players in the NBA.

  2. I don’t think he loves Europe more than America but he is getting a better contract in Europe than playing for Atlanta.

    If I were offered more money to work in Europe than in the United States than I would leave. There is nothing wrong with what Josh Childress did. Just face it, the world is changing. Players like Josh Childress will get offers from Europe or other parts of the world and leave to play there.

    If Josh Childress leaves for a couple of years to play in Europe and returns a better player then the NBA will benefit. NBA teams need to learn that they must compete with the world to keep their players otherwise they will leave.

    THe reason the United States only got a bronze in the last Olympics is because they did not focus on international basketball. The key to international basketball is the three point game. Teams around the world also play with more pride than the United States. Teams from around the world seem to have more passion than the United States and it shows during the Olympics. We will see if this team will recapture the gold. I honestly believe that the United States will earn a medal but they will not be as dominant as they think they will be.
    Go Lithuania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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